Wadi Wurayah

Wadi Wurayah is a truly a treasure to the region. It is one of the few areas in the UAE that is the bursting with unique biodiversity in flora and fauna. As well as having intact freshwater resource. The area also holds significant culture and historical importance, with archaeologies sites discovered in the Wadi dating as far as back as 300 BC


The corniche is the jewel of Khorfakkan street way from Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa along the east coast to the harbor and port its pavements and paths are perfect for exercise walking and cycling ideal for family with play structures and many barbeque along the way.

Al Bidya Mosque

It’s a great opportunity for a traveler to see the oldest Arabian architecture this rarity gem Al Bidya Mosque with a magnificent view you can’t miss this during visit the east coast. Al Bidya Mosque is characterized, and distinguished from other old and modern mosques, by having four domes that are not equal in size. Each dome consists of multiple domes that mounted on top of the others, the first of which form the base of a large dome. The second smaller dome together with the third much smaller dome are crowned with a dome with tiny head. Collectively, all these domes are close to each other

Heritage Village

The Heritage Village in Fujairah presents the traditional way of life for residents of the Emirates. Traditional houses, cooking utensils, farming tools and the Al Yazrah irrigation system, used for irrigating fields with a working bull are displayed. Heritage Village contains the Fujairah fortress and other ancient buildings, which were used by the Ruler's family. The Department of Archeology and Heritage in Fujairah has renovated the fortress, constructed a wall of mud around the area and built a theatre that can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators. Heritage village provide the perfect platform to showcase the art, crafts, traditions and importance of Islam in the lifestyles of the people in this most fascinating of cities to have a great time with friends and families.

Shark Island

Shark Island is located just offshore Khorfakkan offering a great day or multiple day trip from shore. It is possible to spend the night on the island and visit the excellent white beaches which are great for snorkeling, diving and swimming. You can enjoy a great view after climbing the twenty meter hike to the top of the island. There are several dive sites near the island; Shark Drift, Coral Gardens and Anemone Gardens are just a few of the more famous ones. Black tip reef sharks, cow-tail rays, turtles, honeycomb moray eels, puffers and batfish are very common inhabitants in the deep and shallow waters surrounding the island. It is a great destination and get-away from the touristic crowds of Khorffakkan

Kalba & Bird of Prey

Khor Kalba: The tidal creek just south of Kalb, the tip of the UAE’s Gulf of Oman coastline is the site of the oldest mangrove forest of Arabia and an important conservation site for endangered species. This tranquil and beautiful landscape with its dark green mangroves is inhabited by two of the world’s rarest birds: the White-collared Kingfisher and Skye’s warbler in this miracle you can realx and have fun with your friends.